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Here are a few facts about  me ……

Canada is my home. I love to read … all kinds of books ….  from biographies to regular fiction, murder mysteries to romances, fantasies and science fiction, and everything in between, or I wouldn’t be here. I have been reading since forever and don’t intend to stop.

I have reviewed romance books for other sites and blogs since 2006 and decided to set up  the blog on April 8, 2008 on the advice of my friend Kimberly, since this gave me the ability to review only those books I wanted to, in my preferred subgenre of Male/Male romances which I love because of the characterizations and the stories. I moved to this website in July 2009 because the blog had a few built-in constraints and limitations  affecting its efficiency as well as service. Hopefully the website will give bloggers a pleasant experience when logging on and while visiting. Please be patient as there’s still a lot of work to be done.

I couldn’t do this on my own and I want to express my sincere appreciation to the guest reviewers who are also my friends. My heartfelt thanks to  Aunt Lynn, Jenre, Kassa,, Lily, Tj, Buda, John, Feliz, Val, Cole and Tam who writes all of the fun posts that you enjoy so much. Also thanks to all the guest bloggers who talk about topics close to their hearts. To Christian aka Shoganrea, who is our Webmaster and without whom this website would not have been possible, I owe you everything. To the ‘regulars’ on the blog — you rock!

A huge thank-you to Erastes, a wonderful and very successful author of mostly historical M/M romances, who has written many great posts for the site.

To Josh Lanyon our newest author contributor, whose monthly columns are a source of insightful and technical advice on writing for authors – my grateful thanks and appreciation. Josh is well known in the M/M world and he writes mainly murder mysteries and action/adventure stories – he has an extremely busy schedule and we are very lucky to have him as our author contributor.

Ethan Day, another author whose books I love, is now a semi regular contributor on the site. Ethan writes columns mostly about why the trajectory of his life is so different from everyone else’s. :)  Ethan you rock every which way and upside down.

Enjoy your visit and please come back soon.


  • I wanted to come out in your support in the latest shitstorm, and then having composed what I wanted to say, found the comments closed. I know this won’t be publicised, but still would like you to now how an ordinary reader feels

    So many thoughts are swirling around my head having read the responses to both your post at Chicks & Dicks (sorry I didn’t see it yesterday so couldn’t be supportive then, and to Jeff’s post today. Sadly most of these thoughts are not new because we have seen these shitstorms before – here and at a range of other reviewer sites (het romance gets them as well as m/m).

    As Anke says, my list of authors I will not read extends each time this happens. There are certain people I know will appear and be very shrill and personal in expressing their opinions (and just as I was thinking that at C&D THE name popped up, and yes, they have visited here again today). I am also shocked at those who have behaved in this manner despite having been reviewed, or even given the opportunity to advertise their work through articles/interviews on this site. Such bad manners! How can this behaviour add anything to the causes they support? Although I first read m/m because it was more fresh and exciting than het romance, it has led me on to an ever widening interest in GLBTQ issues. This has usually happened because a skilled author has told a story that has caught at my heart and intellect. However, where an author’s behaviour persuades me not to read their books, the opportunity to garner my support for their issues has also been lost. I am just one reader, there must be others who think similarly – so the damage can be quite extensive.

    I wanted to post because I have also noticed that we, the ordinary readers, often back off cowering in the corner (looking at myself here) when the ‘noisies’ come out, but I want to stand up and be counted this time. As a reader I want to say ‘Thank you’ . I enjoy your website and pick up many tips for good reads as well as finding the ‘issues’ posts thought provoking. However, I don’t expect you to cater to all of my interests. I do read other things beside m/m and so I look at other websites which cover those interests. If somebody starts a site which reviews trans* books one day, no doubt I will look in there too.

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