Coming Up This Week July 14

028Summer is here, which means that about half of the guest reviewers are taking off on their annual vacations to parts unknown. 😀 Consequently you will probably see a marked reduction in the number of reviews posted until September. I’ll be taking off too but not until the end of August. Last week I was too busy to check the uplifting stories on the Internet, but if I see something worthwhile this week I will definitely post it. If you see an article that you think your fellow bloggers would be interested in reading, be sure to email me with the link.

Reviews posted on the weekend: The Boy Who Came in from the Cold by B.G. Thomas reviewed by Sammy; Side Line by Ben Ryder reviewed by Feliz; Wild Horses by Kate Pavelle reviewed by J.K. Hogan; The Broken Triangle by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow reviewed by Sirius; The Yellow Rope by M.A. Church reviewed by Sammy; Reaper of Souls by Jordan L. Hawk reviewed by Raine; and I reviewed Afflicted by Brandon Shire. If you like gay movies, Tj reviewed Lilies.

Don’t forget I’m interviewing Elliott Mackle September 4 and your opportunity to ask him questions closes on July 17. Here’s a link to the post.

Free Books this Week

Disasterology 101 by Taylor V. Donovan
The Moon’s Dirty Light by H.L. Holston and Eleanor Bruce
Death by Silver by Melissa Scott & Amy Griswold – Lethe Press
Marginalia by Laney Cairo – Torquere
Changing Owen’s Mind by Charlie Richards – eXtasy Books
A Marrying Man by Sandrine Gasq-Dion – Wilde City Press
Sweet Young Thang by Anne Tenino – Riptide

Reviews This Week

Sammy: Heart of Stone by Ari McKay; Tuck & Cover by SJD Peterson; The Celestine Room by Jared Rackler
Andrea: The Dead Will Rise First by Logan Kain
Lady M: Stockholm Syndrome by Sage Marlowe
Orion: My Three Dads by Zane Silva
Zac D: Burden by Annmarie McKenna
Feliz: Side Line by Ben Ryder
Sirius: Demolished by Astrid Amara

Safeword by A J Rose
Tj: The Man Everybody was Afraid of (A Dave Brandstetter Mystery – Book 4) by Joseph Hansen
Wave: Love Me Back to Life by M.L. Rhodes

Till next week, that’s a wrap.

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