News brief …….. Superbowl ads that scored big

I’m a sports fan but I know that many of you are not however, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the Superbowl ads that scored big with viewers:

My favourite is Budweiser’s baby Clydesdale ad about a man and his horse. It got me in the heart.

The other one I loved was the Dodge truck ad about a farmer.

Here are the actual ads:

Budweiser’s baby Clydesdale ad:

Dodge ad about a farmer

and a couple others that I liked – the Taco Bell ad with a few seniors on a night out on the town. :)

and this one by Doritos which was one of the funniest – Goat for sale

These are the Top Ten Superbowl ads of all time

To round this post off here’s a CNN interview with Innerscope Research that talked about the ads with the most impact for the sponsors that paid $4 million for 30 seconds, that’s right, $4 Million for 30 seconds and if the ads ran for longer just add up the cost:

Enjoy!! 😀


  • These are great! I had not seen any of the commercials until now.
    I also love the Clydesdale ad…I remember seeing them a few years ago at a local fair, so BIG & Beautiful! Thanks!

  • I absolutely love the Clydesdale commercial, it brings a tear to my eye every time I see it. And The farmer commercial makes me proud of my friends and some of my closest friends. I live in the heart of farm country and that commercial is a beautiful tribute to farmers everywhere…and OMG the Taco Bell and Doritos commercials…Bahahaha!!! The goat kills me!

    • Hi Crissy

      For me the Clydesdale ad was just awesome but then I love horses. :) The farmer commercial shows some of the sacrifices farmers make and they barely eke out a living wage – what’s the fairness in that, when entertainers make millions.

      I thought the Taco Bell and Doritos commercials would provide lots of humour. Love the goat. :hysterics:

  • Oh my goodness! Tears! Lots of them. I had to stop watching after the Clydesdale and Farmer ads, I was crying too hard to continue. Of course, I watched the Clydesdale one twice (and will probably have to see it again later… and share the link.) Yes, I grew up on a farm, and remember the joys of watching a foal grow up, only it wasn’t a Clydesdale.

    I haven’t seen Farmer John on the site lately, but thought of him for the Farmer ad.

    • Hey Eden
      Those two ads really got me in the heart and I’m so glad you appreciate them.

      I, too, haven’t seen John on the site in a while – maybe he has a new boyfriend. :)

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