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Happy Thanksgiving to all our US friends. For those of you who live on the eastern seaboard and were affected by Hurricane Sandy I hope that you will at least be able to celebrate this one day and that you’ll receive all the help you deserve within a very short space of time.

It’s been one week since we’re back online and so far, except for a few glitches, we seem to be doing okay. If you notice any issues please email Christian:

Starting this week another publisher will be donating its books on the site as “free” books – eXtasy Books. On behalf of the readers I would like to express my thanks and appreciation. :)

On the news front: Ebook re-seller Fictionwise will be going out of business on December 4, 2012 and you will not be able to access your Fictionwise Bookshelf through the site after January 31, 2013.  NOTE: It seems that Fictionwise sent out different information to US and international customers and the above date of January 31 does not apply if you live in the US. In this case it should be  December 21, 2012 not January 31. They suggest that you back up your files before January 31 or you’ll be out of luck.  I believe your Micropay dollars will be refunded but you should go on the site to find out more.

A publisher that’s been in the news recently is Silver Publishing. You may remember that a few months ago Silver decided not to send any of its books to this site for review because a few of its biggest selling authors were upset. Apparently we weren’t showing these authors or their books the proper respect by giving out undeserved 5 star reviews. Well it looks like this publisher has much bigger problems now, going by the various posts by its former authors (I haven’t included links to the posts but I’m sure you can find them online with very little effort). I hope Silver is able to get its financial house in order because a lot of authors are depending on their royalty cheques some of which I heard are overdue. We have already had a couple of black eyes this year with 2 other publishers going out of business and the last thing the genre needs is another epublisher going belly up.

Something to ponder in the recent US victories on the marriage equality front. Did you know that the catholic church spent $2 million to fight marriage equality in the states where it was on the ballot? Here’s an article from Huffington Post:
I thought that church and state were supposed to be separate!

Huff Post’s 9 of the worst LGBT moments this week:

This week Nicole Kimberling talks about what it’s like to get married to her wife three times (and it’s not because they wanted to). The article will be live on Tuesday, November 20.

If you haven’t seen Stuart’s post on: Is Male/Male Romance Fundamentally About Men? This is your opportunity to do so as I have linked it.

Reviews this weekend: Sub Zero by Angel Martinez reviewed by Jeayci; Devil’s Night anthology – Storm Moon Press, reviewed by Cryselle; Every Time I think of You by Jim Provenzano reviewed by Sirius; I reviewed Number One Pick by Heidi Champa; and Raine reviewed The Hot Floor by Josephine Myles. All of the reviews are linked to make it easy for you to check them out, if you haven’t already done so.

Free Books This Week

The One Who Saves Me by Cardeno C. – Dreamspinner Press
The Rule of Sebastian by Shelter Somerset – Dreamspinner Press
Brand New Flavor by EM Lynley – Dreamspinner Press
A Shiny Tin Star by Jon Wilson – Cheyenne Publishing
Here Be Dragons by T.A. Chase – MLR Press
Giving Perrin Life by Charlie Richards – eXtasy Books

Reviews This Week

Andrea: Aaron by J.P. Barnaby
Sirius: Fifteen Shades of Gay (for Pay) by T. Baggins; Velvet by Xavier Alexson
Jeayci: Sub Zero by Angel Martinez
Raine: Scars by Lynley Wayne
Leslie S: Came Upon A Midnight Clear by Katie Porter
Jenre: Something Like Winter by Jay Bell
Lady M: Ascendance by Lissa Kasey
Cryselle: Bone Slip of the Tongue by ID Locke; The Party Boy’s Guide to Dating A Geek by Xara X Xanakas and Piper Vaughn
Sammy: Domestic Relations by K-lee Klein
Wave: Cherish: Faith, Love and Devotion 4 by Tere Michaels (I have another review that I’m finishing up so that will be posted in a couple days)

The boyz will be here on Friday fresh from their Thanksgiving holiday. I think they are serving up a different kind of pie. :)

Till next week, that’s a wrap.




  • A new Jay Bell title! The blurb I just read calls it a ‘companion novel’ to Something Like Summer. Really looking forward to the review for that one.

    • It should be really good. I love Jay’s books. This one is from Tim’s perspective, so if you enjoyed Something Like Summer I’m positive you’ll like Something Like Winter.

  • Yeah no, I have not seen anything else which would qualify. I will do another reread though – I certainly do not want a responsibility of being called on something I misinterpreted. :). Boy I will know this book really really well lol – I never reread the book three times for review.

  • Is this one Cherish: Faith, Love and Devotion 4 by Tere Michaels available yet or are you guys reviweing before it comes available for sale. Just want to know if I have missed where it is for sale already cause I want it!

  • The email I got from Fictionwise said: Please note, you will not be able to access your Fictionwise Bookshelf after December 21, 2012. I think the January date is for international customers. US customers only have until December 21st. 😮

    And I’m suddenly even more curious to see Sirius’ review of 15 Shades than I would have been anyway… :hysterics:

    • Sorry Jess, the email I received gave the dates I inserted in the post. I guess they sent out different emails for US and international customers and since I live in Canada I received information that’s different from yours. I’ll add a sentence about US customers in the post to avoid confusion although why they would have different dates 😕 as it makes the situation confusing. 😮 Thanks.

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