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By the time you read this post life, as we know it, will be back to normal because the Olympics will be history. But summer fun is still going strong and I hope you’re having a wonderful time.

An Update on GRL 2012 was posted on Ethan Day’s site and I have taken the liberty (I always take liberties with him) ^-^of linking his post which details all the fun and excitement you can expect if you’re going to Albuquerque in October:

On Friday Heidi Cullinan posted an article which she called Digital Publishing Moves Mainstream: Is Your Publisher Playing the Professional Game? I have linked this post if you haven’t seen it.

Fall schedule of interviews: Starting in September I will be interviewing Kaje Harper, Ethan Day and Geoff Knight and P.D. Singer. I will be asking you to come up with questions for these interviews closer to their posting dates.

On Friday, August 17 I will be asking your opinion about a very touchy subject. :) The post is called How Do You Like Your M/M. Watch for the post and the poll.

I was thinking of having a Book of the Month on the site where you the readers would nominate books and select the winner. The author whose book wins would be invited to write an article for the site and hopefully the exposure could help increase sales of the book. What do you think? Do you like this idea or does it suck?

On Saturday Larissa reported on the Amsterdam Canal Pride 2012 which I have linked if you haven’t seen her post.

This weekend the following reviews were posted: Tattoos & Teacups by Anna Martin reviewed by Jeayci; I reviewed Stars & Stripes by Abigail Roux; Inertia by Amelia C. Gormley reviewed by Cryselle; Point of Knives: A Novella of Astreiant by Melissa Scott reviewed by Sirius; The Declaration by Geoff Knight reviewed by Cryselle;


Free Books This Week:

End Game by Jennifer Brooks
Unconventional At Best (anthology) by Amber Kell, Jambrea Jo Jones, Devon Rhodes and TA Chase
Another Dead Republican by Mark Zubro – MLR Press
Sin & Seduction by Allison Cassatta – Dreamspinner Press
Emerald Idol by Hank Fielder – Dreamspinner Press
Wake Me Up Inside by Cardeno C. – Dreamspinner Press

Reviews This Week:

Jenre: Poison by Megan Derr
Leslie S: Room to Grow by Kate Sherwood
Larissa: Technically Dead by Tia Fielding
Sammy: Where Nerves End by L.A. Witt; Need You Now by Mary Celeste
Feliz: He Speaks Dead by Adrienne Wilder
Andrea: Unconditional Love by Andrew Grey
Sirius: Emerging Magic by Angela Benedetti; Alaska Hunt by Shelter Somerset
Lasha: The Square Peg by Alexa Snow & Jane Davitt
Lady M: Stamp of Fate by Nessa Warin
Jeayci: Tattoos and Teacups by Anna Martin
Cryselle: Italian Ice by E.M. Lynley
Wave: Inside The Beltway by Ellen Holiday

I hope the Friday Guys can make it this week. They have been complaining about the amount of clothes I make them wear. :) We’ll see if I can relax the rules this one time, or not. :blush:

Till next week, that’s a wrap.


  • I think there is the potential problem with the book of the month just becoming another popularity contest with the same 10 authors who top every poll of this nature being chosen again. Perhaps if you were to limit it to authors who had a book released in the previous three months and listed out who the eligible authors are it would make it more timely and relevant and less of a straightout popularity contest.

    • That’s an excellent suggestion Kirsten. I was hoping that the readers would nominate a book by a new author. That should eliminate all the old faves. Everyone would then vote for the book of the month. It’s really difficult for new authors to be heard above the “noise”.

  • Looks like a good week once again. Looking forward to the Friday post.

    The contest sounds like a good idea. There are a lot of good books out there. There might be potential of a no surprise winner, but that just means the book is good. Or limit it to books released in 2012?

    • Hi Larissa

      I have to work on the “rules” but I thought that recent books by new authors might be one way to do this. Obviously there’s more work involved in coming up with which books would qualify and I welcome your suggestion.

      Friday’s post. I do hope you will vote and comment. 😆 It will be fun.

  • Pssst… you have a typo. It’s Kaje Harper (and I’m looking forward to that interview :smile: Along with the others, of course!). And the contest sounds intriguing! 😎

    • Hi Jess

      Thanks for pointing out the typo. I hate it when I misspell someone’s name. :(

      I’m hoping to get some ideas about the best way to run the contest. *hint*

      • If it hadn’t been a name I’m not sure I’d have pointed it out. Unless it was something like a missing ‘f’ in ‘shifted’. 😀

        Hints? What hints? 😆 Actually, my first thought for BOM was that you meant books that had been released that month. But since not everyone reads new books right away, I like Kirsten’s idea of expanding it to something like the previous three months. And maybe it has to be one of the books themselves released in that time-frame, rather than any book by such an author?

        Or, to allow for “old favorites” maybe also have a BOM for books that were released before X date? If it’s too much trouble to have two BOMs at a time, maybe alternate months with New BOM one month and Old BOM the next?

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