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With the Olympics making news I guess this post will be an “also ran.” I would have liked to say that the horses are at the starting gate, but that would be lying since the Friday Guys are all tuckered out from their adventures over the weekend. :blush:Β  Anyway I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

I came across this link a few days ago and I thought I would post it in case you don’t follow Buzzfeed. I think the post makes an excellent case for gay marriage. Obviously not everyone will agree but I thought I would post the link:

So what’s on this week? Author Angie Benedetti will be asking the question What Does Love Look Like. Check out her post on Friday. We may also have a surprise post but I can’t tell you what it’s about because it’s supposed to be a surprise. πŸ˜†

Over the weekend the following reviews were posted: Always MJ by SJD Peterson reviewed by Jeayci; Shadow Men by Edward Kendrick reviewed by Cryselle; Punk Ass (Sticky Shorts) reviewed by Sirius; Perfect Day by Josh Lanyon reviewed by Aunt Lynn; I reviewed Phoenix Rising by Theo Fenraven; Raine reviewed Blood in the Sand by Robin Saxon and Alex Kidwell. If you haven’t seen these reviews this is as good an opportunity to do so.


Free Books This Week

His Gift by Clare London
Lashings of Sauce anthology by UK Mat (includes signed print copy of Tea & Crumpet also by UK Mat)
Little Squirrels Can Climb Tall Trees by Michael Murphy – Dreamspinner Press
Three Fates by Mary Calmes, Andrew Grey and Amy Lane – Dreamspinner Press
Stamp of Fate by Nessa L. Warin – Dreamspinner Press
Hummus on Rye by Karenna Colcroft – MLR Press
Circuit Theory by Kirby Crow and Reya Starck – Riptide Publishing

Reviews This Week

Feliz: Faithless by Missouri Dalton
Jenre: Sacrificed – Little Boy Lost Book 6 by J.P. Barnaby
Andrea: Less Than All by Lee Brazil
Cryselle: A Recondite Affair by G.S. Wiley
Raine: Calling The Show by J.A. Rock
Sirius: The Last Concubine by Catt Ford; The Thirteenth Sigil by J.L. O’Faolain
Jeayci: Always MJ by SJD Peterson
Larissa: Falling Out of Fate by Madelaine Ribbon
Lady M: Speechless by Kim Fielding
Lasha: Wolf’s Biker Mate by Charlie Richards
Sammy: Complete Faith by Sue Brown
Wave: I’ll be posting a review this week but I’m not sure which one. Have faith :)

Till next week that’s a wrap.


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  • Oh the guys had so much fun! Speaking of tuckers out, me too πŸ˜›

    You know, one of these days, you are going to post that review!

    • They always have fun and I did post a review last week. πŸ˜† For this week I just can’t decide which book I should review that has been sitting in my TBR for weeks and weeks. :) To much admin work to get through on the site first. :sad:

  • Thanks for the link about gay marriage. I don’t need convincing, but I really enjoyed that article. :smile:

  • Hey Wave – I too wanted to thank you for posting that link re marriage equality, parts made me smile late on a Sunday night. :smile:

    • Thanks Tom. I couldn’t resist re-posting this article because personally I think it illustrates what GBLTQ people are fighting for – equality with the rest of the world.

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