Coming Up This Week July 22

Another boring week of sunshine and heat. It’s getting to be too much now. Can we have some rain please, even some hailstones for a few minutes like those that fell on Manhattan last week, as a change OF pace? PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME ANY HATE MAIL IF IT’S RAINING WHERE YOU LIVE. :)

This week should be wonderful on the site. We have a new post from Nicole Kimberling on Tuesday, July 24 where she talks about lemon meringue pies and it’s not fattening. What does pie have to do with writing? You have to log on to find out. 😀 In addition we have tons of reviews. What more can we offer you?

What’s going on this week that you would like to talk about? Last week we had a far ranging discussion about different topics (that’s what we call it when we’re all over the map). This week I was thinking of writing a post on hooking up but maybe that should be left to experts like Ethan Day. Ethan please tell me you still love me. :) My brain seems to be fried and I can’t come up with new topics to write about on Fridays so if you can think of burning issues – they must be funny – (which don’t require a lot of research) leave a comment on this post. BTW I already mentioned the man with the Academy Award sized penis on last last week’s update so that’s been done. Sorry. 😮

If you live in or near the Bay area (California) or are planning a visit, you will be interested in Aunt Lynn’s post about Dan Savage’s visit to the UC Berkeley campus later this year.

I also posted the site statistics to June 30 this year in case you’re interested in numbers. Thanks to everyone who helped make this site such a success.

On the weekend the following reviews were posted: Abandoned by Silvia Violet reviewed by Larissa;  XBar by Michele L. Montgomery reviewed by Cryselle; Fadeout by Joseph Hansen reviewed by Sirius; Acrobat by Mary Calmes reviewed by Raine; and Where You Hurt The Most by Anne Brooke.

Next week author Angela Benedetti is guest blogging about a topic that I’m sure will interest all of you: What Does Love Look Like?


Free Books This Week

Aliens, Smith and Jones by Blaine Arden – Storm Moon Press
Dragons Walk Among Us by Jackson von Altek (3 print copies)
Fox’s Folly by Teresa Noelle Roberts – Samhain Publishing
Bus Stop by Anne Dudley – Dreamspinner Press
Italian Ice by E.M. Lynley – Dreamspinner Press
Technically Dead by Tia Fielding – Dreamspinner Press
The Declaration by Geoffrey Knight – MLR Press

Reviews this Week

Jenre: Little Boy Lost: Escaped by J.P. Barnaby
Feliz: Full Circle by R.J. Scott
Andrea: The Arms of Winter by Donya Lynne
Leslie S: Toonie and the Twink by Daisy Harris
Jeayci: Where You Hurt the Most by Anne Brooke
Raine: Blood in the Sand by Robin Saxon and Alex Kidwell
Larissa: Chained Hearts by Elizabeth Noble
Sammy: Bareback – A Werewolf’s Tale by Joshua Skye
Cryselle: Shadow Men by Edward Kendrick
Lasha: The Wolf’s Biker Mate by Charlie Richards
Sirius: Not My Spook by Tinnean; Punk’s Ass by D. River
Aunt Lynn: Perfect Day by Josh Lanyon
Wave: still working on last week’s review :)

The Friday Guys will be here as usual duking it out to see who is your favourite.

Till next week, that’s a wrap.





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