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Coming Up This Week July 15

Hey Guys! Having fun so far with your summer activities? Maybe you could give some of us ideas of things to do in the heat as we wilt. :)  I would welcome your suggestions as I’m sure would a lot of other regulars on the site. The best idea wins a free ebook of your choice – the Friday Guys will be the judges. :hysterics:

Sometime later this week I’ll be posting our latest site statistics which Christian assures me is no reason for me to slit my wrists. Whatever does he mean? 😕 😆

Coming up later this month is Nicole Kimberling’s regular post and this one is called If It Looks Like a Duck. I’m sure you can’t wait to find out what it’s all about – I know but I’m not telling. :whistle:

On the weekend the following reviews were posted: Olives for the Stranger by Neil Plakcy reviewed by Feliz; Sidecar by Amy Lane reviewed by Jeayci; Split by Mel Bossa reviewed by Sirius; Countdown to Daddies by K-lee Klein reviewed by Sammy.

Free Books This Week

4 rare paperback copies of Muffled Drum by Erastes
After Ben by Con Riley – Dreamspinner Press
The Last Concubine by Catt Ford – Dreamspinner Press
Phoenix Rising by Theo Fenraven – Dreamspinner Press
Graceland by Ally Blue – Samhain Publishing
Sin and Salvation by Laura Baumbach – MLR Press
All My Crimes by Tal Valante – Riptide Publishing

Reviews This Week

Larissa: The Cajun’s Pet by Jana Downs; Abandoned by Silvia Violet
Andrea: Rock Hard by Vona Logan
Jenre: Love Means… Renewal by Andrew Grey
Lady M: A Fresh Set of Eyes by Liz Strange
Cryselle: XBar by Michele Montgomery; Top Mark by Graeme Aitken
Sammy: Play It Again Charlie by R. Cooper; Bareback: A Wolf’s Tale by Joshua Skye
Feliz: Olives for the Stranger by Neil Plakcy
Raine: Acrobat by Mary Calmes
Sirius: Vindaloo and the T-Bird by Sarah Black; Fadeout by Joseph Hansen
Jeayci: Sidecar by Amy Lane
Wave: Inside the Beltway by Ellen Holiday

The Friday Guys are back and they couldn’t be happier.

Till next week, that’s a wrap.


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports - especially baseball


  • What to do in the heat?? Well that’s easy:
    AC on, iced tea in glass, feet up, the hunky Friday guys on my laptop, and a HOT mm book on the kindle! (my mamma always said if you make your insides feel hotter, your outsides will feel cooler!) What better way to feel hotter inside than the guys and a sizzling good book! :cooler:

    • Susie

      I think you need to try Jeffrey’s suggestion of nekkid men in an ice cold pool, although iced tea and spending an evening with the Friday Guys and a hot book sounds great too. 😀

      • Ummmm, if we dump the nekkid men in a pool of ice water, won’t that umm, errr….distort things a little *she asks delicately*?
        :blush: :cold:

        • You have an excellent point Susie. I believe the cold would shrink the goods. 😆 :blush:

          @Jeffrey, as a guy what is your opinion? Would the bat still be able to hit the ball out of the park or would the ice reduce the strike zone to almost zero? 😆
          (See, I can be delicate too). :)

          • My goodness, Wave! What a very….sporting analogy, lol. Delicate, indeed. Anxiously waiting to see Jeffrey’s opinion on this issue…. 😕

            • Susie

              Most men would probably be concerned about reduced length and girth after being thrown into an ice cold pool, but not Jonah Falcon, the man with the world’s largest penis measured at 13 inches erect, 9 inches flaccid. 😯 😮 He would probably be a mere 8 inches in the pool. Here’s a link to his story


              I would just like to frisk Jonah. :blush:

          • sorry for the delay but my guess is that there would be bat shrinkage. But let’s be clear, I wasn’t suggesting making the pool that cold. On the other hand, imagine all of the fun you can have to warm up the guys to eliminate the bat shrinkage??????? :hysterics:

            • Excellent point, Jeffrey. Orrrr, we get in the cool water, they float around on rafts, looking gorgeous as eye candy, and then they have to warm us up! I think the guys would love that idea, don’t you Wave? No shrinkage at all!!! :hurray2:

              • SusieQ – what a great idea. I enjoying the image of a pool filled with gorgeous naked guys on rafts. 😯 Now I just have to (temporarily) get the image out of my mind so that I can finish this post. 😀

            • Thank you Jeffrey for being so sporting, as usual. :god: :god:

              As SusieQ says, maybe the guys can float on their backs on rafts. I could take their photos or anything else they wanted to give away. :hurrah: That’s a splendid idea Susie.

              • OK….now I really do need that cool water in the pool as I picture em all nekkid, and sun bronzed and covered with suntan oil and sweaty….. :hot: …I’ll be back after my cold shower!

                PS-thank you for collaborating with me, Jeffery! 2 heads are always better than 1! :skoal:

  • No heat for us in Berkeley in the summer usually, and today was no different (gotta love Bay Conditioning). The sun never made an appearance, it didn’t make it out of the 50s, and it sprinkled. Won’t get hot until probably September. I wish it was hot, though, because I am trying to get a bikini top on my new (to me) Jeep and the damn thing needs to relax in the sun before I can get it on.

    • Here it is in the middle of July and your temperature is 50F? I remember it being cold in SF in September in the evenings but not during the day.

      Is a bikini top the same as a bra for the Jeep? 😆 Mine has a black bra. 😎

      • We often are in the 50s and 60s in the summer, especially if the fog doesn’t burn off. I used to work over the East Bay hills, where the temp goes into the 100s, then come through a tunnel on the way home and into 50s. It was crazy.

        This is a bikini. It’s like a canopy.

        I chose not to go with a bra this time around, and have a plastic hood deflector instead. We’ll see if it works; the last Wrangler I had saw the windshield replaced twice in just a few years, from kicked-up rocks.

        • This looks awesome. It wouldn’t work for my truck which is a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and anyway it’s much too old for any enhancements. Fortunately the engine is still in pretty good conditiion. Every time I think of chucking it for a newer model my friends’ stories about their much newer cars that self destructed after only a few years makes me realize how lucky I am that mine is still running.

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