Coming Up This Week June 3

Howdy everyone! I hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday or if you prefer, one with lots of Zing.

The weather in this part of the world has been very temperamental but I’m hoping things will improve. I know what you’re saying … it must be a pretty boring day if all I can talk about is the weather, but it’s been really shitty  – very hot one day and the next almost freezing so I’m very angry with the weather gods. :help:

What are your plans for the summer? Are you going away, maybe to another country? Thinking of having an affair with the guy next door that you have been eyeing all winter and now that you see him without his shirt on you definitely want to jump his bones? :blush: Something else? Share!!!

This Friday Jeff Erno is writing about his struggles with accents, dialects, or colloquialisms. Maybe you can empathise or don’t understand his problem. In any event you should read his post and tell him what you think.

Reviews this weekend: Gambling Man by Amy Lane reviewed by Lasha; Wacky Wednesday by J.A. Rock reviewed by Larissa; Heartstrings by S.J. Frost reviewed by Jeayci; Last Stop by Lou Harper reviewed by Cryselle; Magic Mansion by Jordan Castillo Price reviewed by Sirius.

If you haven’t checked out my interview with Jeff Erno it’s well worth reading. Here’s a link.


Free Books this Week

Cost of Repairs by A.M. Arthur – Samhain Publishing
Rules Are Meant to be Broken by N.J. Nielson – MLR Press
Servitude by Rebecca Cohen – Dreamspinner Press
Chuffed by Tia Fielding – Dreamspinner Press
Blood in the Sand by Alex Kidwell and Robin Saxon – Dreamspinner Press
Second Time Lucky by Ethan Day
Power Play: Awakening by Rachel Haimowitz and Cat Grant – Riptide Publishing

Reviews This Week

Jenre: Carny’s Magic by K.Z. Snow
Larissa: Wacky Wednesday by J.A. Rock; Physical Chemistry by Jana Downs
Sirius: Charlie’s Mission by Lynn Lorenz; Rapport by Carole Cummings
Sammy: Frog by Mary Calmes
Andrea: Absolutely Eric by Erica Pike
Lasha: Gambling Man by Amy Lane
Feliz: Cost of Repairs by A.M. Arthur
Jeayci: Heartstrings by S.J. Frost
Lady M: Turning Tricks by Anne Tenino
Cryselle: Firenza by Barry Brennessel

The boyz will be here as usual on Friday.

Till next week that’s a wrap.


  • Oh good. Looking forward to Friday. I just finished up with a piece where the lead character had a Scots accent, and trying to convey it by word choice and rhythm was tough. I refused to go the “dionna canna willna” route

  • I’m looking forward to traveling from winter to summer…again. That is if the weather clears up!

    Looking to be a good week and lookign forward to Jeff Erno’s post!

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