Coming Up This Week May 8

What’s in store for you this week? Lots!

First, on Wednesday, May 11,  I’m interviewing Ginn Hale, an author who needs no introduction and whose stories have earned her legions of fans.

On Friday the 13th Jaye Valentine and Feliz Faber, authors, have teamed up to bring you a post on Tats that they named Color Me Beautiful. I read it and they have put a lot of heart into it so you’re in for a treat. The pictures are awesome – there’s even one of Jaye where he’s showing off a nekkid body part but Feliz wasn’t as brave. :) I should warn you that for the first time there are genitals showing on the site (no, not Jaye’s ) so if you don’t want to see it you probably shouldn’t plan on reading the post.

Josh Lanyon was going to post about the self publishing explosion on Tuesday, May 10, but he had an emergency and was away for several days. However, his post should be ready for May 17.

We have two other guest posts this month. Marie Sexton will be writing about Journeys on May 20 and Ethan Day will be back on May 27, although he hasn’t told me what his post is about, as usual. :)

This week we had a post from Damon Suede called Numb Shots which was very funny as well as informative for both readers and M/M authors. Here’s a link to the post in case you didn’t see it. On Saturday Kassa posted a review of Ghosts and Lovers by Jaime Samms and Sirius reviewed Settling the Score by Eden Winters. On Friday Jenre reviewed In The Shadow of the Sun by Aislinn Kerry and Raine reviewed Lean on Me by Julia Talbot and today I reviewed Amy Lane’s latest The Locker Room, all of which are linked.

Free Books This Week

Red Skies by Joanne Kells ( print and ebook)
Paper Planes by M. Jules Aedin
The Love God of Indian Frybread by AJ Llewellyn – Amber Allure
Kissed by God by TA Chase – Amber Allure
Wolf Moon by Ethan Stone – Dreamspinner Press
Scorpion by Aleksandr Voinov – Dreamspinner Press
Black Heart Down by SJ Frost – MLR Press

Reviews This Week

Jenre: Cherry Pie by Samantha Kane
Sirius: Chance to be King by Sue Brown; House of Mirrors by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon
Feliz: Wait for Night by AJ Llewellyn: Catch of the Day by Lily Sawyer
Leslie: The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan; Despoiling David by Shabbu
Kassa: The Rifter, Book 3 by Ginn Hale

Buda: ZODIAC: Pisces – From Behind That Locked Door by Pepper Espinoza; Back Home by RJ Scott
Lasha: Broken Rules by Jade Buchann
I’m  waiting to hear from Raine, Damon and LadyM which book(s) they will reviewing this week and I’ll update the post as soon as I know.
I’m still working on last week’s reviews which include Visible Friend and possibly The Visionary but it depends on how backlogged I am.

The guys will be here on Friday.

Till next week that’s a wrap.



  • First – love the pic…..he’s yummy! :pant:

    Real genitals, huh?! I wonder if it’s the pics I’ve seen where the guy’s entire package is tatted. Can we hear an OUCH!!! :scared:

  • This page’s dedicated to MALE beauty, so who’d be interested in my bare spare parts anyway? 😀
    Looking forward to Ethan’s post, a whole lot. Fangirl Squee!

  • Sounds like a great week Wave (and a great May). I’m looking forward to the Ginn Hale interview as I finally, finally read Wicked Gentlemen just last week. Immediately ordered the print version 😀 Hmm, sounds like a very interesting Friday the 13th.

    • Hi Dianne
      Ginn’s interview is terrific and she will be happy to answer any questions from fans.

      I loved WG – that was the first book I read by Ginn and I haven’t looked back. :)

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