Coming Up This Week – December 19

The big news this week is our annual Authors’ Book Giveaway on December 24th, otherwise known in some circles as Christmas Eve. The authors came through once again and are showering their fans with books. Some are even donating entire series of 5 or more books. WOW. Whoever wants those has to be up bright and early. Last year one reader was up at 4.30 make sure that she got what she wanted, the entire Adrien English series, and I’m sure there will be similar tales from this year’s book giveaway. 

My grateful thanks to Aunt Lynn who spent the entire day yesterday putting the post together . She did a wonderful job and I know that we all appreciate her dedication and unfailing humour. Lynn, I tip my hat to you (if I wore a hat it would be a cowboy hat) lol. She took time off from handling and weighing balls (made of pastry) – get your minds out of the gutter, and I have to salute her because I would have preferred to play with the balls. Do you know what’s the weight of  human balls? Buda knows and I won’t tell you how, except to say that he had a lot of fun experimenting with textures and sizes :)  

 On Friday at 7.00 A.M. the post will upload and as always there is no bidding – first come, first served. The authors are waiting to hand out their gifts to you and I know that everyone will have a wonderful time. 

Now on to our regularly scheduled programming. :) On Friday Astrid Amara talked about Dreidel Roasting on an Open Fire. If you haven’t seen this post here’s a link. Yesterday Cole posted his review of Mary Calmes’ Trusted Bond and the discussion is still going on about the pros and cons of this book. You might want to venture into the fray too. Jenre reviewed Friday Night Jamie  by Bren Christopher which I have linked in case you didn’t see it and Lily reviewed Making His List by Devon Rhodes. Today Lily reviewed Christmas with Danny Fit by Amy Lane and I reviewed The Santa Mug by Patric Michael. 

Coming up this week is a veritable cornucopia (I always wanted to use that word) :) of authors. On Monday, December 20, LB Gregg is back to celebrate her newest novel in the Romano and Allbright series, Trust Me If You Dare. She has a test for you and you can win a gift certificate if you get all the answers right. 

On Tuesday, December 21, KZ Snow will be seeking your opinion on a very important topic. I hope you have the answers. 

On Wednesday, December 22nd one of my very favourite men is back. Patric Michael is in the house and he’ll tell you what he thinks of the Friday Guys among other things. :) * What’s wrong with the Friday Guys?* Tune in on Wednesday to welcome Patric and give him hell for picking on the guys. lol. 

On Thursday it’s just us – no special guests – so you’ll have to entertain yourselves unless I get inspired, and you know what happens on Friday. Looking forward to seeing all of you. I’m debating whether the Friday Guys will be pre-empted and maybe for the first time since I started I may not have them on manwalk this Friday. We’ll have to see. 

Interviews in 2011 

DJ Manly is our first Friday interview and he’ll be here towards the end of January
Andrew Grey will join us on February 16
J.L. Langley will grace the site in March 
My For the Love of Books interview on February 23, 2011 will be Kassa 

 Free Books This Week 

Egypt’s Captive by C.D. Leavitt – Amber Allure
Capricorn: Forgotten Faces by Vivien Dean – Amber Allure
Fielder’s Choice by Gabrina Garza – Amber Allure
Icecapade by Josh Lanyon
I Heard him Exclaim by ZA Maxfield
Nine Lights Over Edinburgh by Harper Fox
Mistletoe at Midnight by LB Gregg
Out of the Gilded Cage by John Simpson – Dreamspinner Press
The Matelot by Ariel Tachna – Dreamspinner Press
Dead of Night by Victor J. Banis
Reviews This Week
 Aunt Lynn: Black Gold by by Clancy Nacht and Thursday Euclid;
Jenre: Mongrel by KZ Snow; The Ice Prince by Jessica Freely;
TJ: Something Shattered by Bailey Bradford;
Lily: Mariah the Christmas Moose
by Andrew Grey;
Feliz: Idaho Battlegrounds by Sarah Black; Pioneers by Lynn Lorenz;
Val: Carol of the Bellskis by Astrid Amara;
Buda: Caught by AB Gayle;  Jasper’s Journey by Lise Marie Davis (tentative)
Cole: The Match Before Christmas by Eden Winters; Nice – The best Kind of Prize by DC Juris
John: Revenant by Connie Bailey
I will review Trust Me If You Dare by LB Gregg; Firm Touch by Christine d’Abo; and hopefully the other books I haven’t reviewed due to RL work pressures
Friday is up in the air but if possible the guys will be here.
Till next week that’s a wrap. 


  • Ah, tastes and textures. Erm, I mean sizes and textures! It was a difficult assignment, Wave, but I was glad to dive in with an open mouth–MIND–to find the answer to that baffling question. *g*

    I’m looking forward to reading some of the upcoming reviews. I can tell I’m going to have to keep an eye on that Feliz. She’s got the two I was most interested in this week!

    Two things, though. First: Is it possible someone out there doesn’t already have a copy of the His for the Holidays books? After each was rated 5/5?!

    Second: You can’t possibly break such a wonderful tradition as the Friday Guys. I mean, if it’s too tough a burden this week, I would volunteer–to fight off TJ–to temporarily share some of my stable. *g*

    • I always hand you the tough assignments b/c Tj is too chicken. I didn’t know there was tasting involved. You didn’t report on that particular finding…. :)

      Feliz is pretty quick on the balls … I mean ball.

      You know Buda, not all of us can afford to BUY these books, which is why the “free” books on the site are so popular. Don’t forget this site is global, with readers from 167 countries, and winning a free book is a big deal to some of the bloggers. Now YOU can probably afford to buy ME a few print books I have been eyeing. I’ll send you an email and you might be just in time to have them delivered to my stocking on Christmas Eve. :)

      Re the Friday Guys – my problem this week is selecting the guys and putting the post together because RL is playing hardball with me. However if we can have the balls tasting and weighing contest in its place that might work. lol

      • Quick on the balls – okay, here you go:
        Average weight 18 gr., average volume 16 ml. Per each, I mean.

        Oh did you mean, have I bought His for the Holidays already? You bet I did, and when I saw the giveaways I though, sheesh, girl you don’t have any self control if it comes to books.
        Then again, I’m usually out of luck if it comes to winning anything – usually, as it is….meh.

          • Oh my! This is going to be such a great project for Buda. He can kill me later.

            Did Feliz say plums? But they have a big seed in the middle which weigh a lot – but it is a seed. lol. I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. So glad Buda doesn’t know where to find me.

            Buda boy – are we still friends?

  • Please, girl. I haven’t only been AWOL from this place lately, but from the EDJ. I can’t even afford free! But seriously, 3 out of those 4 are amazing. If someone hasn’t been able to pick them up, he/she should fight like hell to win it. You should make it interesting–most creative comment wins or something. :)

    Okay, okay, enough of my suggestions. I’m still on a high from the have-a-ball assignment. :) I bet TJ would volunteer to “judge” that contest. And probably both Ethans would, too!

    • Email me which one wasn’t “amazing” for you. :)

      The ball assignment was intended to keep you out of trouble not get you further along the road of no return. I’m sure you can find enough guys who would love to judge your “little” contest. You did say .875 to 1.75 ounces didn’t you? I’ll have to convert that to metric to get the hang of it. lol

  • Trying to get my head around the time zones, you didn’t think I would ignore the chance did you…
    Can you tell me which US time zone 7am on the 24th December you are in or better still your + or – GMT
    I am +9.30 GMT so nned to work this out

    • Hi Batchelor boy
      Here’s the World Clock

      All you have to do is look on the conversion table for either Toronto or New York (two cities in the Eastern time Zone) and look for your town or city and convert the difference. For example it’s now 9.06 PM on Sunday here and it’s Monday at 12.30PM in Adelaide and 1.07 P.M on Monday in Sydney. Hope that helps. F

  • I’m debating whether the Friday Guys will be pre-empted and maybe for the first time since I started I may not have them on manwalk this Friday.

    How about this? Every winner of the book on Friday could donate one Friday guy. Considering how many books the generous authors donated… that will be a manwalk to remember. XD

    • But it would be too late b/c it would be Saturday by then. The Friday Guys are uploaded at 6.00 AM. I’ll have to figure out how much time I have available over the next couple of days.

    • “is there more of the guy in the pic accompanying this topic cuz…ok, he’s just HOT!!”

      mmmmhmmmm. It looks like he was wearing a onesie and someone just couldn’t wait to get at those abs…

  • Wave

    Where do you find these guys? Are you growing them around the house?
    Damn! You made my day.

    I’m glad for the interview with Patric Michael because he deserves it, as a writer and as a person, now more than ever.


    By chance, just finished last night Jasper’s Journey and… I don’t know. Now, I’m very curious to hear your opinion. So, please, move it from tentative to certain.
    Caught… I liked Caught, but I’m new here and I don’t know your tastes yet (in books I mean).

    • Hi Alina
      I pick the guys up off the street after Buda and Cole are done with them and wrung them out. lol.

      Patric’s piece is not an interview. He’s writing a blog post. He’s not up to an interview as yet I don’t think.

      Jasper’s Journey is being reviewed by Buda and he may not get to it this week because of work and family priorities. Caught is also his review. You seem to read the same books he does – I don’t know if that’s a good thing. :)

    • Hi Alina –

      All I caught of your comment was that you think you know my tastes in men better than my tastes in books! Geez, am I that big a slut? (Hush, Wave.) lol

      I’m going to try really hard to get the Jasper’s Journey review posted for Saturday. Caught will be up tomorrow. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

      • LOL, where did you see the word “men” in my comment? They all are in your mind.
        I don’t know your tastes in men but I would be happy to.
        No, me, being polite and all, I didn’t want you to make a confusion between the tastes in books and “tastes and textures” from above.

        Thank you.

        By the way, I like sluts.

  • Okay so 7am your time, would be *calculates* 5am in Calgary. Gotcha.
    Now for a stupid question but since I’m new you’ll have to bear with me. There will be instructions with what we have to do to get in on the Santa goodies, right, since it doesn’t sound like the normal “leave a comment, pick a number” thing. Sorry for being unaware.

    • Hi Karen
      The post will have bare minimum instructions because that’s all you need. You leave a comment on the post indicating the book, author, and your email address (we need your email b/c that’s how we connect the author with you). Some authors take your information directly from the post and contact you immediately. It would be a good idea to leave a second choice b/c by the time your selection is registered someone on the other side of the globe may have edged you out.

      If you have any other questions LMK. *Hint* the series tend to go first. I believe there are a couple of Gift certificates as well.

      • Wave, is etiquette that you choose one (and maybe a back-up), and presuming you win it, that’s it, or do you put in for as many as you’d like?

        (New to this.)

        • Hi Laura
          There’s a post that will be uploaded tomorrow telling readers how to put in for the books they want. The short answer is if you win a book then you have to wait until Boxing Day to see if any books are left over and you can request another book or books. We want to give as many readers as possible an opportunity to get a free book. Check the post tomorrow.

  • Go Aunt Lynn!! Definitely looking forward to Friday!

    It looks like a good week! I’m so behind on books. It’s the mail I tell you! It just can’t deliver itself *rolls yes*

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