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Thanks first of all to everyone who read the stories that were part of my Coming Out of the Closet post. If you haven’t had an opportunity to do so as yet I would urge you to check them out when you can, because they indicate a major paradigm shift that will change some of your assumptions about what it’s really like to come out of the closet.

To Batboy 126, Christian Otto, Ethan Day, John, Ozakie Knotts, Rick R. Reed and Sean Kennedy, my heartfelt thanks for opening your life to us. I appreciate very much that you agreed to do this without hesitation and I hope that your stories will at least bring a measure of understanding of the battle you face by people who discriminate against you because of your sexual orientation.

On a lighter note, yesterday Tam did a post about facial hair who has it, who doesn’t and what’s your preference. In case you haven’t seen it I’ve linked the post. Comments are still coming it apparently. :)

Today I posted two reviews A Year Without Summer, a lovely historical romance by G.S. Wiley and The Delaneys and Me, a zany M/M/M comedy by Anne Brooke.

On Monday, April 26, Val Kovalin is writing about Old Themes Become New. You’ll have to log on to find out what it’s about.

On Tuesday April 27 James Buchanan is guest blogging and giving away his entire series (3 books) about Nicky and Brandon including the most recent addition All or Nothing which was released last week by MLR Press. I know that many of you are James’s fans and he would love to talk to you on Tuesday.

I’m still taking a break from interviews for this month but next month there are two planned. 
On May 12 I’m interviewing Erastes, Chris Smith, Jordan Taylor and Charlie Cochrane for their new anthology The Last Gasp spearheaded and edited by Erastes.

On May 26
the boys in the hot tub and I will be interviewing T.C. Blue. Hope she’s ready. :)

On Friday the boys are here, so let the fighting begin.

Also on Friday I’m doing a fun post this time. Imagine A World Without Condoms. :) I can hear your hearts racing already and palpitations beginning. Would it help if I said that I was only talking about M/M romance? No? You already figured that out? Oh well. While you’re thinking about what’s in the post I would like you to do a simple math exercise – How many condoms do you think the guys go through in a regular M/M romance? hee! See you Friday.

A small reminder, if you are an M/M author (historical, sci fi, contemporary or paranormal) there is a short poll on the top right hand sidebar about pen names. Alexi Silversmith and Kris both wrote posts on this topic this past week and consequently I decided to ask authors (male or female) to complete the poll. Thanks, I appreciate your help. So far 70 authors have done so, with the guys running neck and neck and the ladies who use pen names far outstripping the ones who don’t.

Free Books This Week

The Book And The Rose by A.J. Llewellyn – Amber Allure
TAURUS: All That You Do by Jamie Craig – Amber Allure
Cheating Chance/Inland Empire/All Or Nothing (series) by James Buchanan
Lotus In The Wild by Marguerite Labbe & Fae Sutherland – Dreamspinner Press
Clean Slate by Aleksandr Voinov & Barbara Sheridan – Dreamspinner Press
If I Must by Amy Lane – Dreamspinner Press
RED an MLR anthology

Reviews this Week

Jenre : Violet Thunder by Kate Cotoner; Lynx by Joely Skye; A Brush ofWings anthology; All or Nothing by James Buchanan
Kassa: Rogue Wolf by Violet Hilton
Alexi: Lotus In The Wild by Marguerite Labbe & Fae Sutherland
Lily: TAURUS: All That You Do by Jamie Craig
John: Duncan’s World by T.A. Chase
Leslie: Broadway Nights by Seth Rudetsky; Magic’s Pawn by Mercedes Lackey
I did several reviews this past week including two today but of course some of the ones that had been scheduled, for one reason or another didn’t get done. I’m working on Wishing For A Home by T.A. Chase which will be posted early this week; A Matter of Time Book 2 by Mary Calmes; and a couple of others which are in various stages of completion.

Aunt Lynn is working on a major RL technology project which is very demanding so she might not be posting reviews for a couple of weeks.

Till next week boys and girls, that’s a wrap.


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