M/M/M – Is It The New Gay Romance?

The first M/M/M romance that I read was in 2005, Chris Owen’s fabulous 911 about three men (a firefighter, a doctor, and an EMT) struggling with the blows thrown at them by life. I have read this book too many times to count and it’s among my Top Ten all-time reads. The reasons I love it so much are the emotions which are so palpable, as well as the wonderful characterizations. The sex is incredible of course because this is a Chris Owens’ book after all, but that’s only a small part of why I love, love, love this book and it has nothing to do with three men in a relationship.

Now on to today’s topic. I have been noticing recently that there are increasing numbers of gay romances starring three protagonists, and I’m wondering if this will be the new normal for M/M romance; not that there is anything wrong with that, but what do you think? Do you like M/M/M romances?

I will be reviewing MORE by Sloan Parker which was released today. This is a “free” book generously donated by the author to a lucky reader on the site. I don’t know  anything about the writing but when I post my review you’ll read my opinion about this book – it’s pretty long  so it will take me awhile to read and review it. MORE is one of the new breed of M/M/M gay romances, some of which are definitely better than others and quite a few of them are, if I can use the word, b-o-r-i-n-g. I’m hoping that this book will fall into the ‘better’ category because this is a new M/M author and it’s a tough plot for a debut. I’m not going to name names but a lot of the M/M/M books that I’ve read recently should be burned because there were no plots and the stories were just excuses for more sex and hijinks. I love sex in gay romances just as much as the next reader, but I want a story to go along with it.

 Has M/M/M replaced M/M/F or M/F/M? I’m all for M/M/M menages replacing the ones with females who have sex with the heroes in M/M books. Anyone who has read my posts knows how I feel about women coming between the gay protagonists. Sorry, I don’t mean to offend female readers (I am, after all, a woman) but no ‘girl cooties’ in my M/M romance books. Ewww! However, I would like M/M/M stories to be romances and not just a sex fest, unless I’m reading porn. Most of us who read gay romances are looking for  stories that have credible plots with engaging characters that will move us, and I’m hoping that if M/M/M is a new direction in this sub genre that the writers will give readers the type of stories we can go back to again and again as comfort reads rather than one hand reads©. :)

I can count on the fingers of one hand those M/M/M stories that I really love. Chris Owen’s (she’s such a fabulous writer) Gemini is another favourite about twins Paul and Jamie and the man they love, Gent, who gets more than he bargained for – two for the price of one. Sean Michael also wrote two terrific M/M/M books – The Center of Earth and Sky and Painting the Desert about twins Grey and Raine and the man they loved, Whit, a schoolteacher. At first this was mostly a sex romp (I think Tam said that the books had bucketsful of cum) :) because Sean loves to write about sex, but then the plot became serious when Grey was diagnosed with cancer and everything fell apart for this threesome, but their love was the glue that held them together. I thought these two books exemplified what I love best about this author – he sure can write, whether it’s about love, life or sex!

Katrina Strauss’s wonderful Blue Ruin series includes two M/M/M menages – BR 2: Close To Me with Blue and Derek adding Cameron, the former bully to the mix, and BR 4: Need You Tonight with Blue, Derek and a new love, Dusty.

Of course there are many other well written M/M/M romances and I’m sure you have your favourites, but some of the books appear to be just excuses for more, more, more sex, three men = more time between the sheets. My friend Batboy once told me that the reason there is more sex between gay men than between a man and a woman is because there are two dicks in play, so I guess it follows that 3 guys would spend more time in bed. I read a few M/M/M romances recently that were so bad they made me think briefly about going back to reading het romances, however that was just a momentary lapse so don’t hold it against me. :)

What do you think about M/M/M romance, which seems to be gathering steam? Do you have any favourite  M/M/M reads?

Is ‘traditional’ gay romance on the way out? I sure hope not because even though I love, love, love 911 and a few other M/M/M romances, I still prefer to read about two men in a relationship.

The floor is open for your comments.


  • Sorry Beck, I can’t help you :(. I only use adobe reader on my Sony and I’ve never tried to use the Sony site to buy my books. I buy all my books direct from the publisher or at Are. I basically just use my Sony to store the books I’m reading or that are in my TBR pile and I keep the rest in files on my computer.

    Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  • I don’t see threesomes or any of the sub-sub-genres replacing the more common two-person pairings. It just seems to be the way romance/erotica books go.

    You see the same thing in M/F books as well… soon you have threesomes, foursomes, and then they start branching out into kinks, ethnicities, weight issues, career conflicts, paranormal, futuristic, historical and so on and on and on…

    I figure authors/publishers have clued in that we all really like the dueling dicks and now are giving us a bit of variety. Thank you and more, please!

    • SCSPaine

      >>I figure authors/publishers have clued in that we all really like the dueling dicks and now are giving us a bit of variety. Thank you and more, please!< < This is really funny and maybe you’re right, it’s our fault. :)

  • I love these posts of yours. I don’t think M/M is on its way out. I wonder if the seeming glut is a flash-in-the-pan, or if they’re truly becoming more popular (not just more common).

    Perhaps since I just devoured Bound To Please (which rocked!), I’m more open to M/M/M than before, but I still prefer a twosome. The other threesome I loved was Polar Reaction. It had lots of sex but also the emotional backstory/setup needed, and it addressed the menage problems head on and followed through on the emotions and plot.

    I’m still cautious about menages, though, having read a couple of shorter ones that didn’t work for me as well. Maybe they just need to be longer to develop the emotional side realistically for me. So I’m looking forward to your review of More! I read your review of 911 and will read the excerpt soon.

    I feel my tastes are still evolving. Right now, my perfect book is probably 400 pages with BDSM, spy/action stuff, lots of twists, an unhealthy dose of emotional damage and/or angst (perhaps some hurt/comfort), a small dose of paranormal, and M/M/M optional. Is this too muich to ask in one book?! 😉

    Off-Topic: I love the cover of Gemini! If only my nipple ring looked that cool….

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