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Cut or Intact – Guys, How Do You Like Your Men?

A well-known author who would like to remain anonymous emailed me a few days ago on this very sensitive topic. Do gay men prefer their partners to be cut or do they like an intact foreskin? This question has nothing whatsoever to do with religion or hygiene – it’s strictly sensory, aesthetic and to a lesser degree, olfactory.

So, in my usual very inhibited and introverted way I thought I would do a poll on this topic because it would be helpful not only to my author friend but other female M/M and gay erotica writers as well. As an aside, it would be useful for me to have this information too as I embark on my much anticipated writing career *g*.

We know that Bobby Michaels advocates the intact penis because in a number of his books, especially the Jock Dorm and Veterans series he is really into the visual and sensory aspects of sex; he also loves ‘manly men’ who are downright sweaty and I don’t believe he likes anything that would mask a man’s natural smell. However, Bobby notwithstanding, what do you guys prefer? Do you like the movement of the foreskin on the intact penis as it glides back and forth, thus adding another dimension to sexual stimulation? Some people compare this to playing hide and seek :) Or do you prefer the friction of the ‘cut’ penis? Please note that I’m using clinical terms because I would like to keep the discussion elevated as much as I can but you can use whatever terminology you find comfortable.

As a subset to your response could you please indicate the reason for your preference? For example, is it because with an intact penis the pleasure is extended or is it because, if your partner is cut, his sensation is heightened? For some of you it does not matter either way and that’s cool but I would like you to tell us why, if you don’t mind. Not being a guy (I swear I’m not) I have no idea of the different factors that would go into this consideration but I understand that for some guys this preference is really huge.

While it seems that most women prefer their men to have benefited from the surgeon’s knife *ouch* according to a few informal surveys, there doesn’t appear to be any empirical data about the preferences of gay men. When I asked my gay friends for information about this they said that since they have no interest in dating me they weren’t going to give it up for free. I really thought they liked me! So guys – which do you prefer? The mushroom or the anteater? (I didn’t come up with these terms – my friends did.) By responding to this short poll you’ll be doing a great service to a lot of M/M and gay erotica authors and yours truly, of course.

Thanks in advance for what I hope will be some spirited comments and discussions on the blog. I hope some of our M/M authors will enter the fray as well. There will be a prize by said famous author for the best comment. Those of you who are on Livejournal and on my Flist will be able to view the comments here –

As usual, if you prefer to respond by email you can send your comments to


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  • Hey Wave…what kind of audience is your m/m author friend writing for?

    If he/she is writing for the main m/m romance market (women) and the book is a contemporary, I’d say go with at least one of the men being circumcised. If he/she is American or Canadian and writing for a mostly American or Canadian female market, I’d suggest making both men circumcised.

    If he/she is writing a historical, gay fiction or erotica (NOT the same as m/m romance), or for an audience not from the U.S. or Canada, I’d suggest making one or more of the men uncircumcised.

    Most of the m/m stuff written by women isn’t written for gay men, even though it’s about them.

  • I did a quick informal quiz over drinks with my roomies at a local gay bar. I’m now traumatized for life, and boycotting man sex until I can look at one without the nauseated feeling I have now *g*

    Surprisingly, many of the responses were divided by race. The two Mexican guys, for example, were uncut, which is fairly common amongst the messicans (according to the rest of the table, LOL). They liked their guys uncut.

    The white boys preferred cut, because -and I quote- “uncut cocks are ugly!”

    The guys who were cut preferred their partners to be cut as well, and the ones who were uncut said sex felt better with uncut men. Something about docking, which almost made me puke. Apparently two uncut guys can pull their foreskins over the tips of each other’s ding dings. Who knew?

    There was something about head cheese too, which I’m guessing is smegma. God, men are disgusting!

  • You watched pics of elderly uncircumcised men on your honeymoon? ewwww And you dare talk about smegma *g*

    I really love Bobby Michaels’ writing – no feminine men in his books – they are all manly men!!

  • Sensitive, that's me. *snort*

    The Bobby Michaels books scarred me for life. That's really saying something, considering I read gay porn (you still need to check out Working Stiff).

    But actually, the fear of smegma started when I watched an episode of Penn & Teller's "B.S." show on the hotel TV while I was in San Francisco for my honeymoon. Hubby and I still have great laughs over that show, and the photos of uncircumcised elderly men.

  • OMG Jen

    You just don’t like the word “smegma” since you first read Bobby Michaels’ Jock Dorm books.

    The guys are happy you’re not one of them *g* I don’t know what the response will be – I think it will be a mix.

    As usual, thank you for your wonderfully sensitive comments :)

  • I want to answer, but sadly I lack the proper equipment.


    I think the answers will be drastically different for gay men than for straight women. Men seem to be interested primarily in sensation. Women are concerned with hygiene, cooties, and all that other fun stuff that rarely crosses a man’s mind. And let’s not forget the dreaded beast that lives under unwashed foreskin…SMEGMA!


    OMG, I would make the most pathetic gay man ever. “Can you please shower first? And be sure to scrub your foreskin. You’re smelling a little ripe today.” LOLOL

  • Thank you for responding Tic. See, this is why I need you guys to comment because without this information we women will just keep on making assumptions and you know what “assume” does *g*

    I really appreciate your input.

  • Who would want a partner to be missing half the sensual pleasure-receptive nerve endings, or the exquisite rolling/gliding action of the skin tube as it breaks over the corona of the glans? Foreskin feels REALLY good!

    Without it, the glans and the mucosa just below the glans get somewhat numb. I guess there’s no one answer; some people may like a pounding from a sensation-free stick, but isn’t that what dildos are for?

  • Oh Christian
    I can always count on you to give me a whole new dimension to my polls. I never knew the advantages of incorporating the foreskin into a b.j. As usual, my post overlooked some obvious aspects to this question.

    Thanks so much and I’ll be sure to include your comments when I do the results. Have a great day.


  • Hi Wave

    Oh, that’s an easy question. The perfect guy would be the one with two cocks, one cut and one uncut. *g*

    OK, let’s get serious again for a moment. For me there are several answers to this question.

    I am uncut myself (as is quite common in Germany) and think about it as an advantage. That is when I’m with a guy who really knows how to incorporate the foreskin into a blowjob. I’m just putty in the hands of such a guy! *fg*

    Sadly I myself lack this particularly skill and thus tend to ignore the foreskin pretty fast when reciprocating. So I would say I myself prefer to play with cut cocks.

    In regard to fucking I hope you’ll understand that I won’t get myself circumcised, just to be able to tell you about the differences as a top. 😉

    So naturally I can only tell you about my experiences as a bottom and I think the difference between being fucked by an uncut cock and a cut cock is next to nothing. But maybe the difference for me is alleviated by the fact that using a condom is always a must for me and always has been, even in my prior relationships.

    So altogether I think I prefer my partners to be cut, but on the other hand I would never send a cute guy away only because he is uncut. *g*


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